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How to Stop Your Cat from Jumping on the TV? 5 Methods

Looking for ways to stop your cat from jumping on the TV? Their paws on the screen and bodies blocking the view can be frustrating, not to mention potential damage to your TV. Here are 5 effective methods for how to stop your cat from jumping on the TV.

Understanding Why Cats Jump on TVs

Your TV screen may look like an entertainment wonderland to you, but to your cat, it’s prime real estate for lounging, playing or hunting. There are several possible reasons why cats feel compelled to take over your TV viewing area:

• Lack of vertical space. Many cats simply enjoy being up high. If there are limited cat trees or other tall furniture in your home, the TV stand may substitute as a spot for your cat to perch. 

• Cats are curious creatures and have excess energy. Cats explore the world through play and the TV is an interesting, noisy object. Also, If your cat is bored or has too much pent up energy, they may jump on the TV as a form of play. 

• They are attracted to the moving images on the screen. Cats are natural hunters and the TV simulates prey, activating their predatory instincts. Your cat may paw at or chase the images on the screen.

• They want your attention. Jumping on the TV often elicits a reaction from their owners. Even scolding them is a form of attention for your cat. The best way to address this is to avoid rewarding the behavior by not giving your cat attention when they jump on the TV.

Now that we understand why cats jump on TVs let’s explore some strategies to stop this behavior.

Method 1: Providing Alternative Vertical Spaces for Cats

If your cat keeps jumping on the TV, one of the best ways to fix the problem is to give them alternate spots to climb, perch, and play. Cats love vertical spaces they can claim as their own, so providing a cat tree, shelving or other perches is a great solution. These special spots will redirect your cat’s energy into approved areas and away from the TV. 

Don’t forget scratching posts and toys to keep their claws in shape. Scratching posts satisfy your cat’s natural instinct to scratch, and toys keep them entertained when you’re not able to play.

Method 2: Use Distractions/Give Them a More Appealing Option

Want another easy way to end your cat’s obsession with the TV? Distract them with something better!  Cats get bored and seek out stimulation (like climbing the TV), so giving them interactive playtime and puzzles keeps them happily occupied. 

A laser pointer or feather toy is perfect distraction when your cat is in a playful mood. Engage your cat with playtime for exercise and bonding, and they’ll lose all interest in the TV.

Puzzle feeders and treat dispensing toys also work great because your cat has to paw at them to earn a reward. These mentally stimulating toys will keep curious cats challenged and entertained for hours.

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Method 3: Use Deterrents

If your cat persists in jumping on the TV despite your best efforts at redirection and distraction, it may be time to bring out the deterrents.

Applying double-sided sticky tape or aluminium foil to the surface of the TV can be very effective, as cats dislike the texture of these materials. 

You can also try using motion-activated air sprayers or citrus spray deterrents around the TV area. These will activate when your cat approaches and emit a harmless but unpleasant burst of air or citrus spray to startle your cat away. 

Placing items like tinfoil, cardboard, or foil sheets on the TV stand will make the area less inviting to jump up onto. With consistency, these measures can successfully break your cat of the habit.

Method 4: Make Environmental Changes

For some cats, physically preventing access to the TV may be the most effective approach. 

Enclosing the TV in a cabinet or cover when not in use will make it impossible for your cat to jump up on the screen, since they won’t even be able to reach it. As an added benefit, it also protects your TV from gathering dust when you’re not watching it. 

Securing the TV stand to the wall using safety straps or anchors is also a good idea. This provides stability so the TV won’t topple over if your cat does manage to jump up or bat at it, preventing damage to your property and injury to your cat. 

Mounting the TV to the wall is the most secure option. It may require professional installation to ensure it’s properly supported but gives the greatest peace of mind that your cat won’t be able to reach or destroy the TV. 

Method 5: Training and Discipline

If you want to train your cat to stop jumping on the TV, consistency and discipline are key. Whenever your cat jumps on the TV, immediately give a firm verbal command like “No” or “Off” and physically remove them from the TV. 

You should also reward and praise your cat when they are resting or playing on an appropriate cat tree, post, or another spot. Give them treats, belly rubs, and verbal praise to reinforce that they should redirect their jumping behavior to proper cat furniture. Over time, your cat will learn that they get rewards and affection from using their cat tree or other approved spots, but not from jumping on the TV.

Last words

There you have it, 5 easy methods to how to stop cat from jumping on tv. While these techniques have worked for many cat owners, every cat is different. Experiment and see what trick best motivates your furry feline to avoid the TV. If you discover a unique tip, leave a comment below to help the community of cat lovers prevent TV takovers!

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