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Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Find Out What’s Safe and What’s Not!

Have you ever wondered if your cat can eat potatoes? Well, today we’re going to dive deep into the potato realm and find out what’s safe and what’s not for our feline companions. 

Can Cats Have Potatoes?

Now, let’s get straight to the point. Yes, cats can definitely eat potatoes, but only in moderation. According to the vet’s advice, Potatoes themselves are not toxic or harmful to cats. However, they don’t provide much nutritional value for our furry feline friends. Therefore, if you do share some potato bits with kitty now and then, do so in small amounts.

Occasionally sharing some potato pieces or shreds won’t cause problems though – just don’t overdo it. Your kitty may enjoy these starchy bits as an infrequent snack. But remember, potatoes are low on the list of yummy and healthy foods for cats.

Are Potatoes Safe for Cats to Eat?

Cooked, plain potatoes are safe for cats to eat in small amounts. However, it is important to avoid feeding your cat any potatoes that have been cooked with added ingredients, such as butter or salt. These added ingredients can be harmful to your cat and can cause digestive issues.

Note that raw potatoes, potato skins, and green potatoes are not safe for cats to eat. Raw potatoes contain solanine, which is a toxic compound that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and even death in cats. Potato skins and green potatoes also contain solanine, so it is important to avoid feeding your cat these parts of the potato.

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Safe Potatoes for Cats

When it comes to safe potatoes for cats, two types take the crown: white potatoes and sweet potatoes. These can be a decent addition to your cat’s diet if prepared properly. White potatoes, rich in carbohydrates, can provide energy for your feline friend. 

Meanwhile, sweet potatoes offer a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. So, you can rest assured knowing that these two options won’t harm your furry companion.

Unsafe Potatoes for Cats

On the flip side, there are a couple of potatoes you should definitely avoid feeding your cat. Green potatoes and raw potatoes are a big no-no. Green potatoes contain solanine, a toxic substance harmful to cats. Similarly, raw potatoes can be difficult for cats to digest and might lead to tummy troubles. So, play it safe and keep these potatoes off your cat’s plate.

The Importance of Moderation

When it comes to feeding your cat potatoes, moderation is crucial. Cats are obligate carnivores, which means their bodies are designed to thrive on a diet primarily consisting of meat. Offering potatoes as an occasional treat is fine, but overindulging can lead to a few issues.

Firstly, potatoes are high in carbohydrates, which can contribute to weight gain in cats. We don’t want our kitties to become couch potatoes, do we? Secondly, some cats may experience digestive issues if they consume too many potatoes. And finally, just like humans, cats can have allergies or sensitivities. So, keep an eye out for any adverse reactions and consult your vet if needed.

Why Do Cats Love Potatoes?

Cats often love various textures and enjoy them as a healthy snack. Potatoes are a good source of water, potassium, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and magnesium. Although cooked potatoes are considered safe, any food can cause gastrointestinal upset in cats. What bothers some cats does bother others.

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Preparing Potatoes for Cats

Now that you know which types of potatoes are safe for your cat, let’s talk about preparing them properly. It’s crucial to avoid harmful additives when cooking potatoes for your feline friend. No butter, salt, or spices, please! Stick to simple cooking techniques like boiling, baking, or steaming. These methods retain the nutritional value of the potatoes without introducing unnecessary risks.

Step-by-Step Instructions

To prepare cat-friendly potatoes, start by peeling and cutting them into small, easily digestible pieces. Then, cook them using one of the recommended methods mentioned earlier. Once cooked, you can choose to mash or puree the potatoes for easier digestion. Remember, small portions are key, and always monitor your cat’s reaction to ensure they tolerate potatoes well.

Risks and Precautions

While potatoes can be a tasty treat for our feline friends, there are a few risks and precautions to keep in mind.

Mashed Potatoes

Commercial varieties of mashed potatoes often contain high amounts of salt and butter, which aren’t suitable for cats. Excessive salt can lead to dehydration and other health issues, while butter can be difficult for cats to digest. It’s best to avoid feeding your cat commercially prepared mashed potatoes, even if they’re eyeing your plate with longing.

Consult a Veterinarian

Before adding any new food to your cat’s diet, it’s always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian. They can take into account your cat’s age, breed, and any pre-existing health conditions. Your vet will provide personalized advice to ensure the health and well-being of your feline friend.

FAQs about Cats and Potatoes

Is boiled potato good for cats?

Plain boiled, mashed, or baked white potatoes are fine occasional treats for your kitty. Cats can even eat instant mashed potatoes. As long as potatoes are cooked, Hills says, they’re non-toxic

Are fried potatoes bad for cats?

Fried food contains unhealthy oils, acids, and fats that can harm your feline friend. The same goes for fried potatoes or chips. Cats also tend not to chew crunchy food thoroughly, which can cause further gastrointestinal upsets.

Can cats eat raw potatoes?

No, raw potatoes are difficult for cats to digest and can cause tummy troubles. Stick to cooked potatoes for your feline friend’s safety.

Are mashed potatoes safe for cats?

Commercial varieties of mashed potatoes often contain high amounts of salt and butter, which aren’t suitable for cats. It’s best to avoid feeding them mashed potatoes from your plate.

Will feeding my cat potatoes cause weight gain?

Feeding your cat potatoes in moderation shouldn’t cause significant weight gain. However, potatoes are high in carbohydrates, so overindulging can contribute to weight gain over time.

Can cats eat potato skins?

It’s best to avoid feeding your cat potato skins. While not necessarily toxic, they can be difficult for cats to digest and may cause gastrointestinal issues.


To wrap up, while cats can enjoy potatoes on occasion, it’s crucial to understand what’s safe and what’s not for their well-being. Stick to cooked white or sweet potatoes, prepared plainly without additives that could be harmful.

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